A World Without Racism

Quinci Day Shavers and her winning entry for the YWCA "A World Without Racism" juried art exhibit
Quinci Day Shavers and her winning entry for the YWCA “A World Without Racism” juried art exhibit

What would a world without racism look like?  That question was posed to artists and students by the YWCA of Charleston in their recent “A World Without Racism” art contest.  Artists from kindergarten through adulthood were asked to visualize a world without racism and share their vision with the world through visual art.  Artworks ranged from pencil drawings to mixed-media pieces, paintings, and photographs, and were juried by age groups.

Young artist Quinci Day Shavers took top honors in the exhibit with her portrait of Newly-elected President Obama titled “And We Did.”   Her entry will be printed on the cover of the YWCA newsletter.

The winners of the exhibit by category are:
K-2   3rd  Hannah Gibson  “Everyone Welcome”
K-2   2nd Samantha Lawrence  “I Love All Colors”
K-2   1st  Olivia Burch  “We Are All Friends”
3-5  3rd  Oliver Bear  “Untitled”
3-5  2nd  Morgan Stalnaker  “A World Without Racism”
3-5  1st   Quinci Day Shavers  “And We Did”
6-8  3rd  Peyton Panger  “Love Your Neighbor”
6-8  2nd  Rebecca Kozak  “A World Without Racism”
6-8  1st  Mallory Burka  “A Chorus of Different Colors”
9-12  3rd  Michalene Crockett  “Equality”
9-12  2nd  Sarah Hopkins  “Change”
9-12  1st  Molly Bloom  “Hands to Bob”
Adult  3rd  Alex Morgado  “Diversity Brightens the World”
Adult  2nd  Rebecca Burch  “Skinscape”
Adult  1st  Dwayne Bevins  “A Simple Slushie Transcends Color”
Best in Show  Quinci Day Shavers  “And We Did”

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